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it call them at home. everyone uses cell phones now and call them on their cells, we're going to harass them and not going to stop (bell sounding) >> mr. president, the governor of hawaii is on line one. >> oh, boy, all right. put him through. governor. >> mr. president, this is turning into a big embarrassment. you still owe us $300 for that birth certificate retrieval for you. >> yeah, i promise you i'll get that money in a couple of days. >> but mr. president, it's been months and you keep putting it off. >> don't worry, okay, the check's in the mail. >> but, but-- >> yes, mr. president? >> hey, get me chinese president hu on the line right now. >> right away, sir. >> hu. >> oh, hey, hu, i need to borrow-- i mean, we need to borrow some more money. >> fat chance. >> hello? hu, hu. great. great. [laughter]. [applause] >> tonight on huckabee. >> the people want to beat congress to see the light. >> the very first executive order would wipe out the white house czars. but three republican candidates. >> as for the donald, never had the cajones, to-- can i say that. >> and g.o.p.'s newt
to rob us of what we have to laugh. god has a sense of humor. i will not give up mine for sour pusses. that is easier for them than defending their position. and folks seem to be all wound up tighter than an eight day clock. even joe biden went blaring on us. >> it is like a side of a gun for a 200 pound man standing over you. it is not. when that 911 call comes in and a woman is rape it is not temporary to that woman. >> i have always kind of liked joe biden and i think he's a good are the haded guy. and so what i was thinking is this. >> say it ain't true so joe. say it isn't so. >> and then president got pull of balon juice. >> if they don't vote for the sprending here's what he said. >> you got their plan let's have dirty aerodynamically and water. and less people with health insurance. >> oh, yeah. that's what we are about? wow. for 21 of the last 31 years there have been republican presidents and our water and air are cleaner than they have been. i have been a republican since i was a teen and i never knew that the water we drink and air we breathe ought to be dirty? i thought w
but a moral problem. we stop using wall street for a place for products and serves and start turning into a government-backed casino and pay out are higher. if you win, keep it. but if you lose uncle sugar will bail ow out from the money that he confiscated stiffs that will lose their yobs while the bosses get rich. >> it is apparent that men of the people making a mess of manhattan don't care it is hurting the support staff than the top paid executives. misguided notion that all of the plame -- blame is wall street. there are cull pitable -- cupable firms. they couldn't do that if not for the well paid lobbyist in dc who won favors for the clients. don't let congress off of the hook. laws they passed created winners and losers instead of letting market forces decide who stays and who goes. that's the fault of politicians from both the left and right. but to demonize all business? that is misguided. protestors need to find out what the private sector does and vacate wall street. >> think about this. what if all of the private sector businesses decide to vacate for a day . they just s
vertical. the question is, is it taking us up or down. are things getting better or are they getting worse. now, if my show or comments aren't caustic or combative or confrontational or critical enough for you, i'm sure you probably can find somebody on television who is mad all the time and you can watch them. but for me, america is too good a country to be wasted by a bad attitude. that's my opinion, and i welcome yours. even if it's for the bad attitude. you can contact me at mike huckabee.com and click on the fox news feedback session and sign up for my facebook page or follow me on twitter. well, on thursday, european leaders cut a deal to bail out debt riddled greece, how solvent is europe? my next guest warned that the u.s. is headed down the same road, daniel hannan is a british member of the european parliament who two years ago made headlines with these words to former british prime minister gordon brown. >> it's not, they are not apologizing, like everyone else you've long accepted the fact that you're path logically incapable of accepting responsibilities for this, if you're ca
the daylights out of them. whatever it take to get the money owed to the government. everyone uses cell phones and we are going to harass them and not going to stop. >> mr. president hawaii is on line one. >> put them through. >> governor, mr. president this is turning into a big embarrassment you owe us $300 for the birth certificate we transscribed for you. >>> and yes, mr. president. get me the chinese president on line. oh, great. tonight on huckabee. not one. but the people are going to feel the heat to see the light. >> this is the first executive order and will wipe out all of the white house cczars. >> and three republican presidential candidates. gop hopefuls. herman cain and newt gingrich and jon hunts man go one on one with the governor. >>> and don't confuse the real character with the real florence henderson. >> mike: thank you very much. it is an enthusiastic audience . welcome to the fox news studios. this weekend you saw a tragedy and irony and onnected to a person who changed the world. the tragedy was the untimely death of apple founder steve yobs and marketing genius were ke
owner fights the government to stay in business. and, from the informed. >> a lot of us have let this happen and i think people are starting to realize it, and that's why these protests are happening all over the world. >> to the clueless. >> i'm against everybody holding for slavery-- >> who are the occupy wall street. >> they're not capitalists, they're not socialists, they are he' not communists. >> fox business's charlie gasperino, what makes the wall street occupiers tick. plus, she stole cary grant's heart. will her beloved basketball team break her. >> diane cannon. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [applause] >> thank you, wow, what a crowd we have here. welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios. well, this week, i had been attacked by a whole gang of liberals, because i made some comments in ohio over a week ago about an uncoming vote to affirm the sane and reasonable measures to keep ohio from going bankrupt. now, the proposal on the ballot doesn't end public employee pensions or insurance and it doesn't cut and gut wages, but it would require that t
roared as they tried to figure out how to use the web cam. >> look at the monkey. >> did it capture. i put it on capture? >> that is a pretty good monkey. >> do it again. take a photonap shot. >> (yawning) >> why won't it take a picture? take a photo. >> i don't know, dear. >> i did it before by accident. you must stop recording before trying to close. cyber link. i don't know what i am recording, shucks. >> maybe it recorded us? >> oh, ghee. [applause] >> it recording them and that video became a youtube sensation. 8.2 million viewers so far and turns out that lovely couple are big fans of our hoe and we invited them to join us in our audience. please welcome bruce and esther huffman it -- today. you guys watch the show all of the time. you you really do. >> every saturday at 5:00. >> you are on the west coast. what if it is where you can't see it? do you tape it. >> yes. >> how do you figure out how to tape it. why are disappointed when you are not on. >> you guys are great and good sport to come from near portland, oregon to be with us. loafly, lovely people. it time for huck's quic
using wall street as a place for investments and products and services and we started turning it into a government-backed casino where the stakes are high but the payouts even higher. oh, if you win, you get to keep it. but, if you lose, good old uncle sugar will bail you out with the money that he confiscated from hard working stiffs who ultimately will lose their jobs while their well-paid bosses will get rich even while they are bankrupting their companies. but it's apparent that many of the people who have made a mess of lower manhattan they don't know or care that their actions are doing more to hurt the lower wage earning support staff than it is the top executives. the misguided notion is that all of the blame is wall street. now, there are some culpable firms, especially the big insurance and finance giants that took taxpayer funded buyouts and then sat on the money that was intended to help people get loans and have insurance. they couldn't do that if not for the k street conclave of well paid lobbyists in d.c. who have won favors for their clients who paid them hands
how to use their web-cam. >> look at the monkey! >> did it capture? i put it on capture. >> that's a pretty good monkey. >> yeah, do it again. >> and take a photo snapshot, okay. >> oh! >> boy, why won't it take a picture? >> take photo. i don't know, dear. >> oh, pardon me. >> i did it before by accident. oh, warning, you must stop recording before trying to close. guy, i don't know, i don't know, what i'm recording, shucks. shucks. >> maybe it's recorded us. >> oh, gee. [applause] >> well, it was recording them and that video became a youtube sensation. 8.2 million viewers so far. and it turns out that that lovely couple are big fans of our show. so, of course, we invit them to join us in our audience, please welcome bruce and esther huffman who are with us today. [applause] >> what a joy that has been to see this. you guys watch the show all the time, that's what we found out. you really do. >> we really do. every, every saturday at five o'clock. >> and 'cause you're on the west coast and you see it at five o'clock. what if it's where you can't see it, do you tape it. >> yes
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